How It Works

Donors call the National Charity Support Foundation toll free (800) 203-2940 to make a donation benefiting Lions Low Visions Services (L.O.V.E.) Program.

You will be asked which nonprofit should benefit from your donation – your answer is Lions Low Vision Services (L.O.V.E.) Program.  NCSF will provide you, the donor, with IRS guidelines to help determine the fair market value (FMV) of your donation.

NCSF will schedule a day and a time to pick up the vehicle.

When the vehicle is picked up, the tow truck driver will require two signatures from the donor on DMV Form 262 and then provide the donor with the following:

1)   A Temporary Donor Receipt from NCSF identifying you as the beneficiary

2)   A DMV Release of Liability form identifying NCSF as the buyer.

Within 24-hours after the vehicle is delivered to NCSF, they will send you, the donor, a permanent receipt with NCSF’s tax ID number.

To enhance the value of the donation, NCSF will recondition the vehicle.  All applicable vehicles are smog certified.

Lions Low Vision Services (L.O.V.E.) Program will receive 100% of the net.  Additional NCSF operating costs are covered separately by a fee charged to the buyer of the vehicle.